Terms & Conditions

By Registering as a Member for a Brumby's 'Bread Lovers Card' (BBLC), you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) of the BLC provided by Brumby's Bakeries System Pty Ltd ACN 106 815 025 (BBS).
    1. Membership is offered at the discretion of BBS and BBS has the right to accept or reject any application for membership at its sole discretion. Valid at participating stores only.
    2. To become a Member you must:
      1. be an individual;
      2. have a current Australian residential address; and
      3. Register your BBLC on our website at https://breadloverscard.brumbys.com.au.
    3. By Registering as a Member or using your BBLC or claiming any reward under the BLC Program, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (as amended from time to time) and will be deemed to have accepted and be participating in the BBLC Program on these Terms and Conditions.
    4. BBS reserves their right at all times to amend these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion and your continued use of your BBLC or claiming any reward or acceptance on the Member Portal under the BLC Program shall constitute acceptance of the amended Terms and Conditions.
    5. Membership is limited to one BBLC per person and is not transferable.
    6. BBLCs are rewards cards only and are not debit, credit or charge cards.
    7. BBLCs remain the property of BBS at all times.
    8. You must keep your BBLC safe and secure.
    9. If you do not Register and become a Member in accordance with these Terms and Conditions you are not eligible to redeem rewards or benefits offered under the BBLC Program.
    10. Members may access their personal information by visiting the Member Portal.
    11. It is your responsibility to ensure that:
      1. Your personal details on the Member Portal are accurate and current. You may access and update your personal details at the Member Portal held by BBS at any time.
      2. Your Membership passwords and login information is kept confidential.
      3. You take reasonable care to prevent unauthorised use or access to the BBLC.
    12. You agree that we do not need to provide notice to you in advance in relation to any action BBS takes regarding your Membership.
    1. To earn Brumby's Bucks:
      1. Members must present a valid BBLC for swiping at the Point of Sale facility (POS) prior to the conclusion of the transaction at the participating Brumby's Bakery Store.
      2. the team member employed at the participating Brumby's Bakery Store must swipe the card at the Point of Sale facility;
      3. the transaction must be complete.
    2. Members may qualify for bonus credit as a result of promotional or incentive programs offered by BBS from time to time.
    3. Brumby's Bucks will be awarded to your BBLC Account after your transaction has completed and are only recognised and available after they are successfully processed to your BBLC Account.
    4. Registered Members can view the balance of your BBLC Account at any time by visiting https://breadloverscard.brumbys.com.au and entering their valid login details.
    5. If the BBLC is not presented at the POS by the Member, BBS will not under any circumstances issue credit or allow the redemption of credit in relation to that transaction.
    6. Brumby's Bucks are calculated by the Credit Rate and are issued on all purchases of Products at the participating Brumby's Bakery Store.
    7. Brumby's Bucks may be redeemed by Members:
      1. If the Member has a positive Brumby's Buck balance;
      2. at any time on any product at the participating Brumby's Bakery Store;
      3. by presenting the BBLC at the POS prior to conclusion of the transaction; and
      4. if the Member is in compliance with these Terms and Conditions.
    8. Brumby's Bucks can only be redeemed in whole credit amounts and no change in Australian dollars or Brumby's Bucks will be given in relation to any part credit redeemed and credit will only be earned for the number of whole Australian dollars and cents spent.
    9. Brumby's Bucks are not able to be redeemed or exchanged for Australian dollars.
    10. Brumby's Bucks and your rights under these Terms and Conditions cannot be sold, transferred or assigned except in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
    11. Brumby's Bucks are not personal property of the Member and are only redeemable for products sold by participating Brumby's Bakery Stores.
    12. Brumby's Bucks can only be earned for personal purpose and must not be used for any commercial or not-for-profit association purposes unless expressly authorised by BBS in writing.
    13. BBS will reverse from your BBLC any Brumby's Bucks that have been or are to be credited to your BBLC Account that:
      1. have been credited to your BBLC Account in error;
      2. relate to an transaction which has been cancelled, reversed, or relates to a refund given; and/or
      3. there are other grounds BBS considers reasonable to warrant a reversal including (without limitation) Brumby's Bucks credited through fraudulent, misleading or deceptive conduct by the Member, or persons associated with the Member.
    1. Members may qualify for other Benefits or promotions which may be offered by BBS from time to time.
    2. Other Benefits or promotions will be advertised by BBS and/or its associated entities or franchisees by a method at the direction of BBS (may include by mail, SMS, email, in participating Brumby's Bakery Store advertising material, social media and/or the Brumby's website www.brumbys.com.au) and will have terms and conditions specific for that promotion.
    1. If you wish to cancel your Membership please email or telephone BBS.
    2. Membership may be cancelled or refused to individuals by BBS at its sole discretion.
    3. Where Membership has been cancelled or termination (either at the request of the Member or discretion of BBS):
      1. all Brumby's Bucks that have not been redeemed will be automatically forfeited and cancelled.
      2. You will not be eligible to earn Brumby's Bucks or participate in Other Benefits or Promotions that require Membership from the date of cancellation.
      3. The BBLC is to be returned to BBS within fourteen (14) days where requested by BBS.
    1. If you wish to make a claim for any errors in the allocation of Brumby's Bucks to your BBLC (either missing or incorrect allocation), you must email BBS with a detailed summary of the error you believe has occurred and supporting receipts for the transaction within twenty eight (28) days of the transaction that took place.
    2. You agree that any matter of and incidental to the earning or allocation of Brumby's Bucks to your BBLC will be resolved at BBS sole discretion.
    3. You must notify BBS immediately if your BBLC has been lost or stolen by email or telephone (1800 067 619) to the BBS Marketing Team.
    4. If your card has been lost, stolen or damaged:
      1. Brumby's Bucks will not accrue once you have reported a BBLC as lost or stolen to BBS, until a replacement card has been activated and issued.
      2. BBS may issue you with a replacement BBLC with a new identification number.
      3. Any Brumby's Bucks earned the BBLC as at the date of valid notification to BBS that the BBLC was lost, stolen or damaged will be transferred to your new BBLC.
      4. BBS reserve the right to charge for issuing you a replacement BBLC.
    1. BBS reserves the right, at any time without notice, to immediately:
      1. Terminate the BBLC Program;
      2. Suspend or terminate your Membership in the BBLC Program;
      3. Decline to issue or cancel your BBLC (including any replacement BBLC);
      4. Reject an application for Membership;
      5. Reverse any Brumby's Bucks credited to a BBLC.
    2. You agree that the grounds for BBS doing any of the acts in clause 6.1 include(but are not limited to):
      1. If you have breached these Terms and Conditions;
      2. If any conduct by you is any abuse of your Membership, the BBLC Program or anything associated with BBS.
      3. If any Brumby's Bucks are earned by fraudulent, misleading or dishonest conduct or suspected fraudulent, misleading or dishonest conduct.
      4. You have not used your BBLC for eighteen (18) months (where you do not earn or redeem Brumby's Bucks within a consecutive eighteen (18) month period;
      5. Death or bankruptcy of the Member; or
      6. any other reason BBS deems reasonable.
    3. If BBS terminates or suspends your Membership, it may at its sole discretion terminate any or all Brumby's Bucks earned on the BBLC without compensation.
    4. If BBS terminates the BBLC Program by giving you at least fourteen (14) days Notice:
      1. You will not be eligible to earn Brumby's Bucks from the date of the Notice;
      2. Your existing allocation of Brumby's Bucks will be forfeited and cancelled and BBS shall have no further liability to you
    5. You may terminate your Membership at any time by providing written notice by email to BBS. If you elect to terminate your Membership:
      1. You will not be eligible to earn Brumby's Bucks from the date of the providing BBS with written notice;
      2. Your existing allocation of Brumby's Bucks will be forfeited and cancelled and BBS shall have no further liability to you.
    1. To the maximum extent permitted by law, you agree that BBS will not be liable to you in any way (including negligent acts and omissions) with respect to:
      1. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions (express or implied by law) by any person or representative other than an authorised representative of BBS;
      2. for any Brumby's Bucks that are unused as at the date of cancellation or termination of your Membership or the BBLC Program.
      3. for any unauthorised use of a BBLC as a result of your delay to report the lost or stolen BBLC to BBS.
      4. for delay in issuing Brumby's Bucks to your BBLC or replacement of the BBLC.
      5. for damage, theft or loss to of any BBLC or documentation issued to you by BBS by post or delivery;
      6. for matters of and incidental to the termination or suspension of the BBLC, Membership or BBLC Program;
      7. Brumby's Bucks or other benefit provided to the Member under the BBLC Program;
      8. Any death, loss or damage as a result of the Membership under the BBLC Program;
      9. Any failure or inability to provide Brumby's Bucks or BBLC Card caused by circumstances beyond its control (inclusive of disputes, acts of God, flood, weather, war or civil disturbance).
    2. Any tax, duty or other charge or liability incurred as a result of your Membership is the responsibility of the Member.
    3. You agree that the above limitation of liability also applies to associated entities of BBS and nothing in these Terms and Conditions limits your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.
    1. You acknowledge and agree that BBS may provide you Notice:
      1. by email, post or SMS to the last known postal address or email address or mobile number provided on the Member Portal;
      2. on the Brumby's website (brumbys.com.au);
    1. This privacy notice is provided to you by BBS and contains important information regarding the collection, use, disclosure, security and access of your personal information.
    2. You can email, write or telephone us if you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy matters.
    3. Retail Food Group (a related entity of BBS) has a privacy policy which can be obtained on the Member Portal. You acknowledge and agree that you have read and understand the privacy policy.
      1. Collection: The information BBS collect is:
        1. the information provided by you on the registration page of the BBLC website located at https://breadloverscard.brumbys.com.au;
        2. Transactional information when you shop using your BBLC such as, but not limited to, the store(s) you shopped at, when you shopped, your purchases and method of payment
        3. Information you may provide from time to time through contact with the Brumby's Bakeries website or that you provide on the BBLC website at www.brumbys.com.au or https://breadloverscard.brumbys.com.au.
        4. Information regarding your payment preferences in conjunction with your BBLC.
      2. Use & Disclosure:
        1. BBS may use your information to keep you informed about promotions, products, and offers and discounts regarding BBS
        2. BBS may also use your information for planning, research, marketing and product, service development and to contact you as a result of any dealing you may have had BBS or at a Brumby's Bakeries Store