What is the Brumby's Bread Lovers Card?

The Brumby's Bread Lovers Card is Brumby's exciting new rewards program. It rewards and recognises our regular customers that shop at Brumby's with special offers as well as Brumby's Bucks to spend at Brumby's stores.

What does my Bread Lovers Card entitle me to?

Your Bread Lovers Card entitles you to earn points and Brumby's Bucks on all purchases in participating Brumby's stores. Once you have earned enough Brumby's Bucks you can use your Bread Lovers Card to redeem your favourite product.

For every 100 points you earn in a Brumby's store you will earn $1 Brumby's Buck (credit) to redeem on any product you wish in participating stores.

My Bread Lovers Card has been lost / stolen or damaged. How do I get a new one?

If your card is lost, stolen or damaged you will need to call the Brumby's Administration team on 07 5509 2324.

We will cancel your current Bread Lovers Card and send you a new card in the mail with any Brumby's Bucks you may have accumulated prior to your card being lost, stolen or damaged loaded to the new card.

How do I check my Bread Lovers Card balance?

You can check your Bread Lovers Card balance by signing into your account using your membership number (located on the back of your Bread Lovers Card) and your password. Additionally, your local Brumby's team member will be able to let you know your balance when you visit your store.

How do I update my details?

You can update your details by signing into the Bread Lovers card portal and pressing 'edit details'. You then have the ability to change your email, phone number, etc.

How do I obtain a Brumby's Bread Lovers Card?

Simply visit your local Brumby's store and ask if they are participating in the Bread Lovers Card program. If they are, the team member will swipe your new Bread Lovers Card and direct you to the website to complete the registration process.

I do not have a mobile phone or email address. Can I still become a Bread Lovers Card member?

Unfortunately, you require at least an email address to become a Bread Lovers Card member.

What are Brumby's Bucks?

Brumby's Bucks refers to the credit Bread Lovers card members accumulate when they utilise their Bread Lovers Card. For every dollar you spend at a participating Brumby's store, you will earn points. 100 points is equal to one (1) Brumby's Buck which you can use to purchase your favourite Brumby's product.

How do I redeem my Brumby's Bucks?

To redeem Brumby's Bucks, all you need to do is visit your participating Brumby's store and when you have earnt enough Brumby's Bucks for your favourite product the team member will action the redemption.